A thriller in the style of John Buchan and Sapper and the early Ian Fleming, The Churchill Memorandum presents an exciting alternative history of the twentieth century.
Imagine a world in which Hitler died in 1939. No World War II. No US-Soviet duopoly of the world. No slide into the gutter for England.
Anthony Markham doesn’t need to imagine. It is now 1959, and this is the only world he knows. England is still England. The Queen-Empress is on her throne. The pound is worth a pound. Lord Halifax is Prime Minister, and C.S. Lewis is Archbishop of Canterbury. All is right with the world—or with that quarter of it lucky enough to repose under an English heaven.
Not surprisingly, Markham loves England. He worships England. Never mind that he’s Indian on his mother’s side, and not entirely as he’d like to be seen in one other respect: he keeps these little faults hidden—oh, very well hidden!
Now, twenty years after Hitler’s death in a car accident, he is taking leave of a nightmarish, totalitarian America. He has a biography to write of a dead and largely forgotten Winston Churchill, and has had to travel to where the old drunk left his papers. But little does he realise, as he returns to his safe, orderly England, that he carries, somewhere in his luggage, an object that can be used to destroy England and the whole structure of bourgeois civilisation as it has been gradually restored since 1918.
Who is trying to kill Anthony Markham? For whom is Major Stanhope really working? Where did Dr Pakeshi get his bag of money? Is there a connection between Michael Foot, Leader of the British Communist Party, and Foreign Secretary Harold Macmillan? Why is Ayn Rand in an American prison, and Nathaniel Branden living in a South London bedsit? Why is Alan Greenspan dragged off and shot in the first chapter? Where does Enoch Powell fit into the story?
Above all, what is the Churchill Memorandum? What terrible secrets does it contain?
All will be revealed—but not till after Markham has gone on the run through an England unbombed, uncentralised, still free, and still mysterious.
How might our country have turned out but for that catastrophic declaration of war in defence of Poland? Read on and wonder….
The Churchill Memorandum is a thriller, a black comedy and a satire. It is the first novel in Sean Gabb’s “England Trilogy.”


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