Our universe is a mother.
Don’t be fooled by her adorable exterior. The heart of a vicious killer lies within Jelly Anderson. Soon, she’ll be fighting for two…
It impregnated her with a gift she must protect at all costs.
Jelly and her crew on Space Opera Beta are outnumbered and outgunned. Aliens have invaded the ship and are on the hunt for fresh blood. They’re waiting for their sister ship to come and save them.
Rescue or death. Only one will come first.
The crew will train Jelly to defend herself. Wool will teach her to suppress her catty instincts. Jaycee will teach her how to use weapons. Bonnie will teach her how to kick ass. It’s their only shot at survival.
In training an animal, they may have created a monster. Prey is about to become predator. Jelly Anderson came to save the universe and kick some ass. Now, she’s all out of universe…
Scroll up and one click Star Cat 3: War Mage right now. The young adult sci-fi action behemoth that sinks its claws in and refuses to let go…
The STAR CAT Series:
Star Cat: Infinity Claws
Star Cat 2: Pink Symphony
Star Cat 3: War Mage
Star Cat 4: Killer Instinct
Star Cat: Origins - The short story prequel


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Работа Andrew Mackay «Star Cat: War Mage» принадлежит к жанрам «Космическая фантастика» и «Твердая научная фантастика».

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