Bluestar's Prophecy


Super Edition

Bluestar's Prophecy

Erin Hunter

Special thanks to Kate Cary




PINESTAR—red-brown tom with green eyes


SUNFALL—bright giner tom with yellow eyes


GOOSEFEATHER—speckled gray tom with pale blue eyes



(toms, and she-cats without kits)

STONEPELT—gray tom

STORMTAIL—blue-gray tom with blue eyes

ADDERFANG—mottled brown tabby tom with yellow eyes

TAWNYSPOTS—light gray tabby tom with amber eyes

SPARROWPELT—big, dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes

SMALLEAR—gray tom with very small ears and amber eyes


THRUSHPELT—sandy-gray tom with white flash on his chest and green eyes

ROBINWING—small, energetic brown she-cat with ginger patch on her chest and amber eyes

FUZZYPELT—black tom with fur that stands on end and yellow eyes

WINDFLIGHT—gray tabby tom with pale green eyes


SPECKLETAIL—pale tabby she-cat with amber eyes


(more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

FEATHERWHISKER—pale silvery tom with bright amber eyes, long whiskers, sweeping, plumy tail; apprentice to the medicine cat

DAPPLEPAW—tortoiseshell she-cat with beautiful dappled coat

WHITEPAW—pale gray she-cat, blind in one eye


(she-cats expecting or nursing kits)

SWIFTBREEZE—tabby-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes (mother of Leopardkit, black she-cat with green eyes, and Patchkit, black-and-white tom with amber eyes)

MOONFLOWER—silver-gray she-cat with pale yellow eyes (mother of Bluekit, gray she-cat with blue eyes, and Snowkit, white she-cat with blue eyes)

POPPYDAWN—long-haired, dark red she-cat with a bushy tail and amber eyes


(former warriors and queens, now retired)

WEEDWHISKER—pale orange tom with yellow eyes

MUMBLEFOOT—brown tom, slightly clumsy, with amber eyes

LARKSONG—tortoiseshell she-cat with pale green eyes



CEDARSTAR—very dark gray tom with a white belly


STONETOOTH—gray tabby tom with long teeth


SAGEWHISKER—white she-cat with long whiskers


RAGGEDPELT—large, dark brown tabby tom

FOXHEAR—bright ginger tom

CROWTAIL—black tabby she-cat


BRACKENFOOT—pale ginger tom with dark ginger legs

ARCHEYE—gray tabby tom with black stripes and thick stripe over eye

HOLLYFLOWER—dark-gray-and-white she-cat


FEATHERSTORM—brown tabby she-cat

POOLCLOUD—gray-and-white she-cat


LITTLEBIRD—small, ginger tabby she-cat

LIZARDFANG—light brown tabby tom with one hooked tooth



HEATHERSTAR—pinkish-gray she-cat with blue eyes


REEDFEATHER—light brown tabby tom


HAWKHEART—mottled dark brown tom with yellow eyes


DAWNSTRIPE—pale gold tabby with creamy stripes


REDCLAW—dark ginger tom



WHITEBERRY, pure white tom



HAILSTAR—thick-pelted gray tom


SHELLHEART—dappled gray tom


BRAMBLEBERRY—pretty white she-cat with black spotted fur and blue eyes


RIPPLECLAW—black-and-silver tabby tom

TIMBERFUR—brown tom

OWLFUR—brown-and-white tom

OTTERSPLASH—white-and-pale-ginger she-cat


LILYSTEM—pale gray queen (mother to Crookedkit and Oakkit)

FALLOWTAIL—light brown queen (mother to Graykit and Willowkit)


TROUTCLAW—gray tabby tom



Bluestar skidded to a halt at the top of the slope; the stench of dogs hit her throat. Below, the ferns shook as dark shapes swarmed through the gully. Fireheart’s orange pelt flashed like flame through the greenery. He was keeping a good distance between himself and the pack, but the lead dog was breaking away and closing fast on the ThunderClan deputy.

No! Not that one! You cannot use him as prey!

Bluestar flung herself down the slope. Gulping air, muscles burning, she weaved around the trees, her paws skidding on the leafy forest floor. She hurtled through a swath of ferns, running blind as the leaves whipped her face. The gorge was close by. She could hear the river crashing between the sheer gray walls. Would Fireheart really be able to lure the dog pack over the edge? What if the pack’s leader caught him first?

She erupted from the bracken and scrabbled to a stop in a clearing at the edge of the cliff. Leaves sprayed into the chasm as her paws slipped and slid.

Oh, StarClan, no!

Fireheart was dangling from the glistening jaws of a huge dog. The ThunderClan deputy struggled, spitting with fury. The dog shook him, its eyes shining with triumph, but its clumsy paws were skittering dangerously close to the edge of the gorge.

“I will not let you destroy my Clan!” Bluestar roared. She flung herself at Fireheart’s tormentor, slamming headfirst into its flank.

The dog dropped Fireheart and spun around in surprise.

Bluestar crouched and unsheathed her claws. Blood roared in her ears but she felt no fear. She had not felt this alive for moons. She lashed out at the dog’s muzzle, but her claws raked empty air. The dog was sliding away from her! The ground beneath its hind legs was crumbling. Shards of stone showered down the steep face of the gorge as the dog’s paws scrabbled to get a grip, but its blunt claws were slithering on the leaf-strewn forest floor as its haunches dragged its hind legs backward over the cliff.

The pack thundered closer.

“Bluestar!” Fireheart warned.

But Bluestar didn’t take her eyes from the pack leader. She was locked in its panicked gaze as dogs began to crash through the bracken behind her.

The pack was upon them.

Bluestar dug her claws into the soft earth as the air suddenly soured with fear. The lunging dogs had seen the gorge, and their howls turned to yelps as they skidded at its edge. Bluestar held her ground as a desperate yowl echoed down the chasm. The first dog had fallen. Its body thumped against the cliff, and there was a moment of quiet before she heard it splash into the roaring water below.

Bluestar narrowed her eyes, still fixed on the pack leader. “You should never have threatened ThunderClan!” she hissed.

Suddenly the dog stretched its head forward and grasped her foreleg in its jaws. She felt the ground slide beneath her as the dog dragged her with it over the edge. Wind roared around her, blasting her pelt as she fell. The river swirled and foamed below. She scrabbled desperately against the cold wet air and struggled free of the dog just a moment before she hit the water.

The freezing river knocked the breath from her body. Blind, she struggled against the current, fighting her way toward air, her heart gripped by panic. Goosefeather’s prophecy burned in her mind: Water will destroy you.

Her thick fur, heavy with water, dragged her down. The river tumbled all around her; she didn’t know which way was up. Her lungs screamed for air. Terror scorched through her. She was going to drown, there in the foaming waters of the gorge.

Don’t give up! A meow sounded clear and familiar through ...