In Oathbringer, the third volume of the Stormlight Archive, humanity faces a
new Desolation with the return of the Voidbringers, a foe with numbers as
great as their thirst for vengeance.
Dalinar Kholin’s Alethi armies won a fleeting victory at a terrible cost: The
enemy Parshendi summoned the violent Everstorm, which now sweeps the world
with destruction, and in its passing awakens the once peaceful and subservient
parshmen to the horror of their millennia-long enslavement by humans. While on
a desperate flight to warn his family of the threat, Kaladin Stormblessed must
come to grips with the fact that the newly kindled anger of the parshmen may
be wholly justified.
Nestled in the mountains high above the storms, in the tower city of Urithiru,
Shallan Davar investigates the wonders of the ancient stronghold of the
Knights Radiant and unearths dark secrets lurking in its depths. And Dalinar
realizes that his holy mission to unite his homeland of Alethkar was too
narrow in scope. Unless all the nations of Roshar can put aside Dalinar’s
blood-soaked past and stand together—and unless Dalinar himself can confront
that past — even the restoration of the Knights Radiant will not prevent the
end of civilization.


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