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The meeting was a large one. Rose stood on the center stage facing the representatives of all planets that made up the Stars Realm. On stage with her in the front row were Tag, Danielle, Tommy, and Cassandra Gardner who were all members of the royal family. Sitting on the second row behind them were Terl, Tgon-Gee, Misty Nicole, Sprig and Twig. On the front row facing the stage were the fifty psychic peers of the Glod Union and the fourteen other clan members of the Cainth Empire. This was a heavy weight meeting; they were gathered to determine the future course of the Realm. Rose Gardner, the Queen of the Stars Realm, who was very pregnant, looked out at the assembly and then sounded a tone that brought all the assembled members to silence. It had been seven months since the Captors had departed the Realm’s universe for the new one Cassandra had created by exploding the particle in energy space. Information left to the Realm by the Captors had led to major developments that demanded the Realm’s attention.

“Thank all of you for coming to discuss our future plans. A lot has happened since the Captors left and we are now at the point where we must make long range plans to confront a new threat that is coming. It seems as soon as we handle one danger to the Realm, another rears its head. I’m going to show you a video the First Male of the Captors made more than eight million years ago which shows a race of beings that makes all of our past troubles seem insignificant. The beings you’re about to see are called Eight Legs by the Captors and it will become clear why after you see the recording.”

The huge display over the stage suddenly came on showing a Galaxy off in the distance hanging in space with its spiral arms. Suddenly a bright violet light flashed and a ship appeared on the screen as large as a medium sized planet. It was deep green in color and had a surface covered with millions of small raised circles. The huge ship hung there for a moment and then flashed into a silver-blue flash of a star drive. The scene changed showing the huge green ship moving toward a planet which had developed space travel. Thousands of star ships were leaving the planet to confront the huge ship that was quickly moving in system. As the ships from the planet moved closer to the huge green ship more than two million small ships emerged from it through the holes on its surface and fell on the incoming fleet. The planet’s ships began firing bright white energy beams and missiles which began hitting the oncoming invaders; the small green ships were unaffected by any of the weapons used to stop them. Beams just stopped at their surface without even a small flash; missiles just hit, stopped, and fell away without exploding. As the two fleets of ships came together the small green ships flew through the force fields surrounding the defenders as if they were nonexistent and landed on each ships surface. A bright green light then appeared under the green ship and a section of the ship directly under it would disappear. The recording moved in close to one of the ships that had just had its surface punctured and everyone could see green colored creatures with eight legs entering the punctured ship through the hole in its hull. Within twenty seconds all power went off in the ship and it hung motionless in space. Ten minutes later the small green ship lifted and joined the fleet moving toward the planet. Every ship that had lifted to defend against the green invaders was punctured and stopped within ten minutes of contact with the small green ships. The recording stopped.

“We don’t know what these creatures do when they move inside a ship but it appears they do it extremely fast.” Rose looked away from the display and at the assembly, “We do know what they will do to a planet.” She turned back to the display screen and the recording continued.

The green ships not involved in attacking the defending fleet moved quickly toward the planet where huge defense satellites in orbit began firing at the incoming ships. These satellites fired massive numbers of huge beams and missiles at the green ships all to no avail; the invaders were unaffected and large numbers of the green ships landed on the surfaces of the huge forts; the forts all quit firing their weapons and grew dark quickly after the green ships punctured their surfaces.

The millions of green ships not involved in attacking the planet’s fleet or orbital defenses started landing on the planet’s surface with the vast majority of them targeting the largest cities. The recording moved closer to the ground and followed one of the small green ships down to the surface. Defenders fired beams and missiles as the ship landed and then turned their aim on the invaders exiting the ship. As soon as it landed eight of the eight legged creatures emerged and scattered almost faster than the eye could follow. The weapons used against them were useless. The green creatures picked targets with some of them going after the military firing at them.

The recording slowed to show one of the eight legged creatures slam into a warrior firing a shoulder weapon and pin him to ground. The creature then sank its fangs into the captured inhabitant’s head and it was clear that whatever was inside the head was consumed by the eight legged creature.

The recording then turned back to the huge green mother ship as it entered planetary orbit and released hundreds of ships more than a hundred miles long from huge holes in the mother ship’s surface; they immediately started moving toward the planet. The recording followed one of them down to the surface and millions of the creatures emerged and scattered to attack every inhabitant they could find. The military forces on the ground fired on the rampaging horde but nothing had an effect on the green colored creatures. The military died just as fast as the unarmed civilians.

The video paused, “I’ll make this recording available for you to view later. It lasts about four hours and I hope you have a strong stomach if you choose to watch it in its entirety. What I’m going to show you now is how the planet appeared eighteen hours later.”

The planet hung in space and it looked exactly as it did before it was attacked. The huge green ship was moving away from the planet to find other worlds to consume. The ship that attacked the planet had reentered the giant green ship and nothing remained behind but dead ships and satellites floating in space that would eventually fall to the planet. The view moved closer to the surface and everyone could see millions of dead bodies lying all over the population centers and small communities. The view moved out to the area surrounding the city and there were animals grazing and birds flying. A view of the ocean showed fish were still present at the surface.

“The eight legs only attacked intelligent life on the planet and totally eradicated the local population; everything else was ignored. These creatures appear to only feed on life forms with intelligence. The weapons of the defenders, which were very close to our current technology, had no effect on the attacking ships. Now I’m going to jump ahead to show you the end of the recording.”

The view changed back to the original location where the huge green ship had emerged with the galaxy hanging in space. Suddenly, another huge green ship emerged out of a violet flash and jumped away. Then huge green ships began appearing faster; twenty would emerge and disappear. Then a hundred, then a thousand, then a hundred thousand; each would jump away as soon as they entered normal space.

The assembly was stunned. Rose looked out at them, “The Captors called these creatures “Universe Killers”. They harvest and consume all intelligent life in a universe and then leave to harvest another universe. They were here more than eight million years ago and the Captor’s leaders warned us that by creating a new universe we may have caused the Eight Legs to move their timetable up to return and investigate. They will know that it takes a highly advanced life form to cause the creation of a new universe.”

The assembly began talking among themselves and Rose sounded the tone again. After silence was restored she continued, “My family members and I do not sense a danger from these creatures in the near future so we believe there is some time to prepare for their return. However, after studying these creatures we have determined that our current defense structure will not work against this enemy. I am going to turn this meeting over to Sprig and let him tell you what he and his mate Twig have developed to help us.”

The Algean moved up to the podium and used telepathy to address the assembly. “The Captors also left us another gift; one of their energy generators that caused their red color and powered their ships. They told us that the Eight Legs did not see anything that was surrounded by that particular color so we think that the ships we build with it will be invisible to them. We are also developing a planetary screen that will cover a planet with that same hue so it’s possible they will be invisible as well. We have also determined that the large ships of our fleet will not be able to handle the literally millions of ships that will be used to invade. We have to build our numbers as quickly as possible and build ships that can handle this invasion.

The assembly started talking again and Sprig waited until they quieted down. “We have discovered something extraordinary about using the Captor’s generator.” The crowd became silent and sat forward. “Wh ...

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