Demon's sacrifice

Andrew Saxon

Demon’s sacrifice


“Have you found another door into that universe?”

“No, Nest Mother. Universes with more than one door are extremely rare and it appears this one is not an exception.”

“Whoever killed our ships and closed the door is a real danger. We can’t wait for them to find us; we must attack first.”

The scientist turned his head right indicating frustration, “We do not possess another means other than our current universal drive. We have not found a generator powerful enough to power the unit that would allow us to enter at any point. Have any of our recent harvests collected any new data on that kind of generator?”

The Nest Mother was silent for a moment and answered, “No. What is the possibility of that universe having this generator you describe?”

The scientist was silent for several moments and then said, “Ordinarily I would say there is no chance, however, they possess something strong enough to kill our ships and close the door. I don’t have enough information to make an accurate estimate.”

“They were able to communicate with me from that other universe.”

“They were?”


“Did they use the communicator on one of our ships?”

“No, they did not.”

“That would also require a very powerful generator.” The scientist thought hard and knew he had to cloak his next answer or face death from an enraged, frightened, Nest Mother. He decided to tell the truth but not the whole truth. “The power to send a communication from universe to universe without a device that is connected to another is not equal to that needed to send a ship through without a door.”

“Are you sure?”


“Work on finding a way in and keep me informed on your progress.”

“Yes, Nest Mother.”

The scientist left her lair running and didn’t start to relax until he was out of her ship. “It wasn’t equal,” he thought, “It had to be stronger.”

Chapter 1

Tag looked at Danielle brushing her hair and marveled at his good fortune. She was amazing and after all these years she was more beautiful than when they first met, “We’ve been so fortunate in our life. Are you still happy, Love?”

Danielle turned and smiled, “The Realm is at peace and we are now private citizens. I’m happier than you know. The burden of protecting the Realm is now in Matt’s hands and I can relax and start to enjoy my life with you.”

Tag stood and walked up and hugged her from behind and looked at her in the mirror. “I love you. This wedding reminds me of ours so many centuries ago. I would have never thought I could love you more than that day but I do.”

Danielle turned in his arms and hugged him tightly, “Words don’t exist to describe how much I love you.” They stood there lost in each other’s embrace. Tag’s com vibrated. He came back to the present and said, “Go ahead.”

“I’m reminding you to be here in an hour. You made me promise to do it.”

“Thanks, Newton. I’ll see you at the wedding.”

“Danielle smiled, “I know he’s really a child but I like that little spider.”

Tag shook his head, “He is such a good being. We’re fortunate to have been able to save his family.”

Danielle sighed, “Remember this, Darling, there are very few accidents.”

Tag smiled, “I know.”

“Now you need to hurry; the groomsmen are supposed to help with the seating.”

“I’m sure Anglo has it under control. You know how organized he is.”

“Yes, but he’s also the Best Man and has other responsibilities as well.” Danielle paused, “I wonder if Anglo will ever have a wedding?”

Tag slowly shook his head, “Someone should have found him by now. I still believe his initiator exists.”

Danielle looked somber, “He deserves love in his life. You know that nothing could keep them apart if their psychic selves were ready for each other, although I’ve never seen it take this long before; it makes me wonder if there is one for him.”

“Let’s not allow ourselves to worry on this happy day, Love. Remember, there are no accidents.”

“Danielle smiled and took his hand as they teleported down to the castle’s throne room.

Anglo straightened Matt’s royal blue sash and pulled his collar up, “Who taught you how to dress? You’re a mess.”

“A Cainth with four arms and he still did a better job than I ever could. I don’t know why I’m so nervous but I feel like eight miles of bad road.”

“That party last night is probably the main cause of your fumbling. Those young spiders really kept you going.”

“Who would have thought they could drink that much? I won’t try that again.”

Anglo looked at Matt and after a moment said, “Are you ok?”

“You think I’m having second thoughts because of Angel aren’t you?”

“I know how much you loved each other. I worry about your happiness.”

“Anglo, you’re a great friend and I know why you worry. Angel is gone. If our roles were reversed and she was the one here instead of me, I would hope she would be marrying you. She, or I, should have had love and happiness in our life. I also know she would approve of Melanie and would want the same for me. I’ll always have Angel in my heart, Anglo, and Melanie knows it. But I love Melanie with a depth that amazes me every time I feel her near me. I’m at peace with Angel’s death and I look forward to life with my new love. You have to admit she’s come a long way since the baggy overalls and that floppy hat.”

“No, she was the same person then as now, Matt. You just didn’t know it. How much courage would it take to have come to that meeting dressed that way and yell at you for doubting her commitment to the Realm?”

Matt thought back and slowly shook his head, “She did hand it to me, didn’t she? I’m glad Al stepped in.”

“As well you should be. I’m always under appreciated.”

“Oh Pleaaaassssssssse!”

“Now there you go again jumping in when this is a private conversation.”

“Matt, sometimes I wish the degradation still worked.”

Matt smiled, “Fly Girl, you know you don’t mean that.”

“Yeah, but don’t tell ole big head here.”

“Who’s a big head? I don’t have a head.”


Anglo laughed and said, “It’s time; let’s go see a pretty lady.”

Matt entered the throne room with Anglo and everyone stood and bowed. He nodded to the room and everyone took their seats. He turned and faced Sprig who was going to lead the ceremony and thought about his parents and how he wished they could see him. He looked up and swore he could sense Angel smiling at him. He sent a quick thought to Al and Fly Girl, “I wish you could be here with me; both of you have played such a huge role in my life.”

“We’re watching, Matt and we’re proud of you and your bride.”

Fly Girl said, “Al, you’re going to make me cry.”

Matt stepped to the side and looked at the gathered dignitaries. He remembered his first day at the academy and wondered at how the universe just surprised him every day. Edison, Newton, and Einstein were in the back checking ID’s to make sure no one without an invitation was allowed entrance. He saw the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen gathering at the back of the room and knew that it was time to begin. He looked over and saw Tommy and Cassandra filling the roles that his parents would have done if they were still alive. He marveled at how much they were alike but different; Tommy with the huge, giving, heart and Cassandra with the warrior’s heart. She and her ship were amazing. Thank the Creator for them. Then he saw Tag and Danielle teleport in and smiled. They were the heart and soul of the Realm. The Glod still worshipped Danielle and tried to emulate Tag in all their actions. Glod, Cainth, and Humans were respected and loved by the millions of planets of the Realm. No one resented their preferred standing in the Royal Family’s service. He saw Destiny in the back and could feel his love. By choosing to communicate instead of destroying his ship, Destiny credited him with saving his family. Matt knew Destiny would willingly lay down his life for him. Matt knew at that moment he would do the same. There was still the unresolved issue of his species but that would have to wait.

He heard the music start as Tag and Danielle began walking down the aisle. Everyone stood and bowed to the former King and Queen of the Realm even though it was not required. Next came Stem and his mate Petal followed by Life and Grena and the rest of the wedding party. Suddenly the music changed and he saw Melanie step into the aisle being led by her father. Matt was stunned by her beauty and lost himself in the vision approaching.

“Al, she’s beautiful.”

“Just like you.”

“I love you so much, Al.”

“And of all the things I’ve ever experienced, that is what humbles me the most, Fly Girl. I couldn’t live without you.”

Melanie walked the traditional walk down the aisle and saw Matt staring at her and his love was clear for all to see. It’s what made her complete and filled her heart with joy. She glanced up and thought, “I’ll love him, Angel, just as you did.” Then she arrived and the ceremony began.

The citizens of the Realm were caught up in the scene on their displays and there was silence in the Realm. Aerial traffic on all the worlds of the Realm was almost nonexistent. Everyone was glued to their monitors. The majesty of the moment enthralled the trillions of citizens and they also felt the emotion of the moment. The ancient ...

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