Greyson's revenge

Saxon Andrew

Greysons revenge

Chapter One

Anglo, have you finished making your scans?

Yes, I have Scotty. That Duke, I refuse to call him a king, is a pretty smart cookie; he understands the dangers that face him.

Why is that?

He has two Gamma Class Searchers always stationed above his castle with their screens overlapped on maximum setting. I think he understands that one Searcher could destroy him. With overlapped screens, it would take at least three searchers to break through his defenses. Two more are always close by scanning the system. He will only send two of the six Searchers out to support his fleets used to conquer other planets.

Scotty said, We need to slow him down and that means we need to attack him at home. If you had to make a decision, where would you hit him first?

I have several options that I think would be appropriate without causing a huge loss of life. I want to put him on the defense without causing too much collateral damage. I assume we will need those manufacturing facilities at sometime in the future if this planet can ever be made to see their errors. However, I need to take BC with me to check on a possible development that has captured my interest. His systems are much better than mine and he can see things I cant.

What sort of development?

Let me wait to discuss it with you later. Im not even sure its a possibility. Nathan and I are going to leave shortly.

Youve taken a liking to Nathan, havent you?

Youve noticed.

How can I miss it? Youre all he and Timmy talk about. Both of them are wowed by your technology and I also see they just like you. Would he make a good partner?

Hes a good man, Scotty. He reminds me of Anglo Gardner; he doesnt talk a lot and he sees things I miss.

Ok, go ahead with your plans but make sure youre back in two days. Well swap out Nathan for Grang or Jingo. Were going back to the defense installation to see if itll help us. I dont want to be late.

I will and you dont have to swap out Nathan just yet. Theres one thing I want to make sure youre aware of happening if I attack New Ulmerton.

I know; theyll learn that we have teleportation capability. I was worried about that but then it dawned on me that theres nothing they can do about it. Its not like they can go out and buy or steal teleportation boards. Only the Algeans could build a board for them and thats not happening. Im hoping that, by revealing our teleportation capability, it will slow them down searching for new planets to conquer. Im also concerned about him searching for us. Whatever you decide to do, I want you to reveal that technology. That should keep all six Searchers at home.

I have a plan to handle that issue, but lets see if the Defense Facility will assist us. If it will, that will make a huge difference in what we can accomplish. Three ships with teleport boards will allow us more freedom in our planning.

Scotty smiled, You have my authority to make whatever decision you deem necessary.

Thank you for your trust. That means a lot.

Greyson looked down on Dauluns castle and thought about the planet he had destroyed. He tried to justify the destruction but just couldnt find it in him. That planet had offered no resistance. Killing forty million people just to make a point just wasnt right. He knew the people on that planet had struggled against all kinds of aggression, invasions, and somehow managed to survive against all the forces that were arrayed against it since the Stars Realm disappearance. They had finally started to build their planet into a modern society and Daulun ended their fight to survive with one beam strike, and he was the one ordered to do it. Dauluns absolute callowness saddened him. He was not the ruler he thought him to be. He could still see the cities blown apart when his beam hit the planet.

He thought about the planned attack against the Stars Realm thousands of years earlier and remembered when his teleport board shorted out. Gregory had called for help for more than a year with no response. He remembered watching as millions of his fellow Searchers had self-destructed over the next fifty years to avoid the ravages of starvation. Finally, there were only six of them left and Gregory had contacted the others. He still remembered what he said.

Were not going to make it lads, he said in a weak voice. We must not destroy our ships. Our Province will need them to protect our citizens. They have to make it back.

The pain is becoming too much to bear, Greg.

Then we must go into the air locks and end it quickly. These ships must arrive to help our descendants. Promise me you will not destroy them.

Greyson sighed mentally and remembered when the six surviving Searchers all opened their airlocks together and died with more than two hundred years remaining on their journey home. He thought about what Gregory would have done if he had been ordered to kill a defenseless planet. Gregory believed the Stars Realm was evil but he also believed the Duke was a good ruler who loved his subjects. This was not something that he would have condoned.

Greyson didnt know what to do. He had promised Gregory to return and defend the Province and its ruler. Daulun was one of the Dukes direct descendants and he was sworn to defend him. If only Gregory was still alive to remove his oath and to see what the Province had become. He listened to the reports from one of the fleets that had just invaded and subjugated another planet. These subjects certainly didnt love their ruler. What could he do?

Queen Ashley Talben leaned back on her throne and looked at Queen Carrie on her communication board Ive learned that Haldale was destroyed by New Ulmerton. It appears they have six advanced Searcher Class ships. I dont think Bristone is going to be able to defend us or them self. What should we do?

Carrie was silent for a moment and then said, What would we do if Bristone didnt exist? Wed do all we could to defend our subjects but probably lose to this power mad King. I do know this; Bristone will not abandon us.

They didnt help Haldale?

How could they? They were outgunned by twice their number. No one expected the ruthlessness of that King. Im telling you not to count them out.

What would you suggest I do if that King shows up here?

You must remove Bristones location and any mention of that system from all your ships and computers. You must also purge any news reports of what happened when your father attacked us. I would even recommend the erasure of all news casts if their fleets discover one of your planets.

Why is that?

Ive been told by the Emperor that the New Ulmerton drop troops use former news reports to target anyone on the planet that is notable. They shoot them and remove all possible leaders of a rebellion. If I were you, I would also remove any mention of you and your family and develop an identity that would allow you to hide in your population.

What about our fleets?

Im having my fleet assembled away from the planets of the Kingdom so that we can use them if Bristone ever finds away to deal with those Searchers. Weve built a facility on an asteroid to support them until they can safely come home. They stand no chance against New Ulmertons Searchers; it would be folly to use them. Even the Ultraships are there. Carrie paused, took a deep breath, and continued, Even if were conquered, the Emperor will come and free us someday. We cant allow that King to find the planet of the Zord.

You know its just a matter of time until they find us.

Yes, but I believe in the Emperor. He will do all he can to delay that happening. You must give him your trust and devotion. Can you do that?

I already have. Ill do as you ask and remove the information. Lets hope we are given time.

Carrie turned off the com and looked at Michael, What do you think?

Ive talked with Emperor Robbins and he says that if were invaded, we should surrender and attempt to bear their brutality. He said that if he comes to defend us, one of the Searchers will destroy our planet. I dont know how long it will take for him to find an answer to those ships but if anyone in this universe can, hes the one Id bet on.

Carrie hugged Michael and nodded.

Daulun sat on his throne and thought about the ship that attacked his fleet. Greyson said that it was not as fast as they were. That made it appear it was not another Searcher, but was it possible that it had deliberately avoided top speed to throw off the Searchers chasing it? It had certainly been able to jump faster than the two chasing it. Could it be another Searcher? That was the question that burned in his mind. Was there someone else that had Searchers in their fleet? If that ship was a Searcher and it intended revenge for the destruction of that planet, he would have to keep at least four of his above the planet at all times. To be absolutely safe, he should hold all six at the planet. One beam strike and New Ulmerton was history. Thank goodness teleportation was no longer available. Daulun thought about the possible danger and decided to start keeping several fleets at the jump limit scanning into the outer system for star drives. Should he use two Searchers to scan for the return of that ship? No, he would hold them in reserve until the scouts turned up something. He hadnt slept well since that planets destruction. It looked like tonight was going to be another restless one.

He wished Mallory was in the Castle. She always foun ...

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