Book Two of the Red Storm Series picks up in the middle of the brewing global conflict, as the Chinese look to capitalize on the Russian intervention in the Ukrainian civil war. The speed and surprise of the Russian attack has thrown the NATO alliance into chaos as their expeditionary force is mauled near Kiev and eventually surrounded. With the overwhelming barrage of false headlines circulating the Internet, the war in Ukraine seems all but lost.
The world’s attention shifts when China unveils its new Supercarrier, the Moa Zedong, built while hiding in plain sight. With three aircraft carriers, and a decade of modernizing their army, China looks to assert itself as the dominant superpower in Asia by annexing the nations that were created following the end of the Chinese communist revolution and World War II. To ensure the successful transition of their newly acquired territories, the Chinese begin to provide the North Korean regime with additional fuel, hard currency, and weapons in preparation for a unification of the Korean Peninsula. If the Chinese plan is effective, then the US will be heavily committed in Europe and North Korea before they begin their own conquest.
With the successful test of multiple ICBMs and a hydrogen bomb, the North Korean leader feels not just emboldened, but untouchable. As the North prepares to kick off a Second Korean War, the new American administration finds itself grappling with an unfolding military and political disaster in multiple theaters. With US Forces stretched beyond their breaking point, can the US still honor its treaty obligations in Asia? Or will the US have to concede the new reality of Greater China and a unified, nuclear-armed Korean peninsula? Find out in this gripping sequel of the Red Storm Series, Battlefield Korea.


Книга «Battlefield Korea» авторов Miranda Watson, Джеймс Розоне оценена посетителями КнигоГид, и её читательский рейтинг составил 10.00 из 5.
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