Forming the Company

Alpha World

Book Two:

Forming the


Daniel Schinhofen

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons,

places, or events is coincidental.

© Copyright 2017 by Daniel Schinhofen

All rights reserved.


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Author’s Note

Chapter One

“Greetings, master,” Stacia said, licking her lips nervously as if afraid he might reject her now.

Alburet blinked at her as he took in the transformation from human to succubus. His mouth opened and closed a few times as he tried to make sense of Stacia suddenly appearing as a demon that he summoned. He was vaguely aware of Stewart yelling as he finally pulled his eyes from Stacia. He looked over at Stewart. Lilith stood there, looking much like her daughter with hooves, wings and tail stopping Stewart from advancing.

“What did you do to my Goddaughter!?” Stewart snarled, his eyes blazing. Literally blazing, as sparks of flame leapt from his eyes. “I’ll kill you for this!”

“Enough, Stewart!” Lilith snapped at him as he drew breath to continue his shouting. When the words left her mouth Stewart’s eyes glazed over and his face went slack. “Good. Now listen to me very carefully. Stacia wanted this to happen. She asked for my help and I gave her my approval. I helped her complete the ceremony to transcend her mortal limits and embrace her demonic nature. Finalization was contingent on Alburet summoning her. This has been done and nothing can change her back now, or would you rather he cast her off and leave her as a masterless succubus?” When she was done, she snapped her fingers before his eyes and Stewart seemed to come back to his senses.

The fire had gone out in his eyes when Lilith dazed him with her magic. He glared at Alburet still but stopped trying to force his way past Lilith, “Did you know as well, Alburet?” The contempt was thick in his voice as he sneered at Alburet. “Did you convince her that this was the path for her?”

Alburet glanced at Stacia, who stood there still uncertain, her eyes wide with fear as she looked from him to Stewart and back. Taking a deep breath, he turned back to Stewart, “I did not know. I was not informed that she was even a half blood, not that her bloodline matters to me. Some things that were tickling the back of my mind now make sense, like the daze I seemingly fell into when she bathed me. Frankly, right now I don’t know if I should be happy or pissed off at this whole situation. I have taken a liking to Stacia, that much is true. I also feel as if I might have been played for a fool.”

He turned back to Stacia who was looking down dejectedly, her wings and tail slumping. “Stacia, the three pillars of any relationship are trust, honesty and communication. You failed to trust me enough to communicate to me your intentions which hurts the relationship we’ve started. I am very unhappy at the moment. What do you have to say about it?” His words were not scolding, nor were they warm. He spoke in an even tone that gave no hint as to his feelings.

Stacia trembled as tears fell from her eyes. She slumped to her knees crying softly, “I’m sorry, master. I was afraid to tell ya, afraid ya would reject me. Half-blood Infernals are despised and looked down upon. I was afraid ya would cast me from ya side iffin ya knew. When ya agreed to let me call ya master, me heart near burst with joy. It also formed the first strand of a bond with ya. When I felt the bond begin to form I went to Ma’ and asked for her help. When we went shoppin’ the other day she also helped me prepare for this day. I’ve been so afraid since, afraid ya would grow bored of me, but then ya invited me to go huntin’ with ya. Ya stood up to Da’, Stewart and Unca Grim for me to go and me heart surged again. I belong to ya now, master. Ya have the option to reject me though, to cut me off and send me away as a masterless succubus. Iffin tha’ be ya will then I will go, but please I beg ya not to send me away.” She was sobbing deeply by the time she finished. She bent forward, touching her head to the floor before him.

Feeling his protective nature stir, he looked down on the vibrant woman he had come to hold feelings for and felt ashamed. Was all of this his fault, had he led her on and brought her to this point? He knelt down on one knee next to her and gently reached out to stroke her hair. “Stacia, why? Why me?”

She lifted her head to meet his eyes as tears fell from hers. Sniffling, she replied. “Truly master, I don't know what drew me to ya at first. The first time we spoke I felt somethin’ stir in my heart. The second time, when ya were generous, I felt it grow stronger. When ya made me promise to behave I felt a part of me sing in joy. When ya took me for the first time I felt my heart open as it never has before. When ya claimed me roughly and made me understand ya were in charge I felt part of me soul go to ya. When I asked to call ya master and ya accepted me heart bloomed like a flower in spring and the bond grew stronger. When ya fought to keep me by ya side even against me Da’s wishes it was all but done. When ya reached this level, I felt the last part of the bond form and I shivered in anticipation of ya seeing me in this form. All I ask is ya let me stay where I feel I belong, by ya side always there to assist ya, master.”

Alburet didn’t know what to say to her heartfelt plea. He did feel himself melt at the idea that she cared so much for him that she was forsaking her humanity to always be with him. Lilith spoke softly from behind him, “Alburet, as a two-souled you might not know or understand what I am about to say, but please listen. Half-bloods cannot become bound to a Summoner, it is not possible. So when Stacia came to me and said this is what she wanted, we talked about how impossible it was. She still persisted and so I walked her though the ritual succubi undertake to ready themselves to be bound. Imagine my surprise then when Stacia came bolting to me a little while ago, telling me how she felt the bond form when you gained your sixteenth level. I hurried here to make sure I was on hand to witness it for myself. What the two of you have done here will go down in Infernal legend.”

“Promise me Stacia, promise me that you will not hide anything from me again. Promise me that you will always speak your mind, never lie to me and that you will always trust me. If you promise me those three things I will accept you,” Alburet said, his eyes still locked with hers.

Stacia’s face was a sight to behold as it transformed while he spoke, the hope and joy that radiated from her was almost blinding. “I promise ya master, I promise to always speak up, to never tell a falsehood and to always trust ya.”

When she finished Alburet leaned forward and gathered her to his chest, stroking her hair. “Then I accept you Stacia Crowley, as my succubus. I will always treasure and protect you for as long as my time here lasts.”

A happy sob was his only answer as she clung to him, this time crying tears of joy as they both felt a pulse of energy wash over them. Alburet slowly brought them both to their feet, turning with her clutching him until he faced Stewart. “I will accept any punishment you think is required, except for relinquishing her.”

Stewart, who had watched the scene unfold before him, shook his head, “No, it is not my place. Besides, I can clearly see this is her desire. However, you will have someone to answer to.” Stewart's eyes went from Alburet to the passage that led into the hall.

Alistern came running out of the tunnel, his face twisted in fury, “ALBURET!!

Alburet went to put Stacia behind him, only to find himself behind her as she traded places with him. She threw out her arms and stretched her wings to their widest as she faced her enraged father. “Da’, stop it!”

Alistern faltered at the sight of his daughter, his steps slowing and his rage fading away as he gazed at her. “Stacia? What happened to you? How? Why?” His voice faltered as he tried to make sense of what he was seeing.

“Da’, this is what I wanted so please calm yaself. I always wanted to be like Ma’ and me wish has been granted, due to the bond me and Alburet share. Iffin ya try to harm him I will stand in ya way, I will nay allow ya to hurt me beloved master,” ...

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