Burmese Boy

Kevin Armstrong



Day Thermos is reputed to be one of the best gay saunas in Kuala Lumpur. You’ll find it near the Grand Imperial Hotel. Just walk down an alley at the side of the hotel and you will find Day Thermos. It’s just opposite the famous Blue Boy gay bar. On its exterior the Day Thermos establishment presents itself as a “male gymnasium.” It has a modest amount of gym equipment in one small room certainly, but there’s a lot of action that goes on within that could not strictly be called “gymnastic.” But as the old cliché goes – “caution is the better part of valour.” I love clichés and when you think about it clichés usually become clichés because they are true.

In any case the operators of Day Thermos can be forgiven for being somewhat cautious because male to male sex is still outlawed in Malaysia. Indeed there used to be a huge black and white photo of the back of a naked young man in the locker area. The young guy had his hand over his arse. The message was clear. However on my last visit I noticed that the photo had been taken down. Because of occasional police harassment in KL, gay saunas there usually don’t supply free condoms and lube so you will need to take your own.

The front counter staff at the sauna are usually friendly and on my last visit the entrance fee was RM30.00. You will be issued with a key and a locker number. By the way, the lockers with their imitation hardwood finish are the most glamorous I have encountered anywhere. Even the restrooms are luxuriously detailed.

I made my first visit to Day Thermos a couple of years ago. As I left the locker area wrapped in a blue towel I wondered if I would be welcomed by the regulars. I’m Caucasian and past “the first bloom of youth” as the saying goes. Clichés again. I needn’t have worried. Within a minute or so of entering the small, dark steam sauna area (more about this region later) and sitting on a bench, I had a black, thick uncut cock pushed into my hand. As my eyes adjusted to the gloom I saw that I was sitting next to a very handsome young Indian fellow. Over the next ten minutes or so I helped him release his load. With my wrist feeling a little the worse for wear (clichés!) I politely refused his helping hand or lips as I had more exploring to do.

I mounted a metal staircase to the next level. I quickly saw that this mostly consisted of a busy shower area, the small gym mentioned above and a corridor which ran past a row of small rooms. Because it was mid-afternoon most of the doors were still open but there were plenty of guys of varying ages looking out for prospects. By the way, although “money boys” can be something of a pest in Thailand’s saunas I’ve never been asked for money in a sauna in Malaysia or Singapore.

A young Malaysian boy was making gestures and I realized he wanted me to go into one of the rooms. We didn’t exchange a word – we didn’t have to. I quickly realized that he wanted to be blown. One of things I love about many Malaysian boys (and there are plenty of other factors let me tell you) is their smooth, almost hairless bodies. Your hand sweeps down over the golden chest, the flat stomach… and encounters a sudden glorious jungle – a luxurious bunch of glistening black pubic hair enshrining a smooth uncut cock. His foreskin was just the length that I like – sufficient to cover the glans when in repose but without too much “overhang” which, visually, can be a little gross. Or am I being too fussy? Actually I’ve found that most Malay and Thai boys (maybe I’m just lucky) tend to have their foreskins neatly proportioned. Go to European cities like Vienna or Berlin and you may have trouble finding the head in too generous folds of skin. Or maybe I’m exaggerating. But I think that it has something to do with the climate of those countries. In South-East Asia cocks, because of the heat, don’t need so much protection. In the depths of an icy European winter on the other hand, penises need wrapping. That’s my theory anyway – perhaps one day someone will carry out a scientific study.

I peeled back the foreskin and took the cock fairly easily in my mouth and the boy started gently thrusting. My taste buds tingled and I took his balls in hand and held and squeezed them gently. With my other hand I explored that intimate region between testicles and rectum. The boy immediately lifted his left leg in the air and I knew what else he desired. My finger tips gently touched the rippled and hairless rim of the magic cave and the boy for the first time kissed me full on the mouth and rubbed his tongue against mine. Gently I pushed my index finger up to the first knuckle and I there was a sudden intake of breath. At the same time the rectum muscles were gripping my finger so I pushed it further inside until I touched something smooth and round… the boy gave a shudder and released his load into my mouth. The taste was sweet but with an added, somewhat mysterious tang. Perhaps it’s just my imagination but I’ve often found the taste of Asian boys to be not as salty as those from cooler climes.

All at once the encounter was over and the boy grabbed his towel and headed out the door. We hadn’t exchanged a word.

I’ve often noticed in gay saunas that if the mood isn’t right then you can hang around for an hour or more sans any kind of interest or action. You can stand wrapped in your towel silently cursing the wasted afternoon or telling yourself that you just popped in for relaxation in the spa or a drink at the bar maybe. But when the action starts it often carries on like a game of ping pong. Consequently as I followed the now unloaded boy out of the door and into the corridor I found myself getting signals from another smooth-skinned Malaysian. He was older than the boy, probably in his mid-twenties. The young man took me into another room and gestured for me to get up onto a plastic covered bench. Fortunately he had a condom and a small tube of lube. Because this was my first visit to a sauna in KL I hadn’t realized you had to supply your own. I saw that the guy’s cock was almost painfully erect, no foreplay required here… he just wanted to get down to it. He asked me to get onto my hands and knees. He was rather tired because he’d been fucking all afternoon and this would be the easiest position for him. I complied, spreading the cheeks of my arse. His fingers, generously wet with lube explored the rim of my hole and then gently started probing inside. I told him that he would need to go easy at first because I was pretty tight, like an eighteen year old. He laughed… but very slowly pushed the head of his cock into my now slippery arse. I gasped and my arse muscles, almost of their own accord, gripped. There was a wave of pain but it wasn’t too radical because the young man’s cock was of medium size in length and girth. I never use the term “average.” No one on this planet is average. I knew that the pain would soon recede. Sure enough, after a few moments the young man started to push further and my arse muscles loosened in welcoming fashion. Also, I was now confident enough to push against the cock and we soon set up a gentle but satisfying rhythm. At the same time his hand was wanking my cock. All too soon the young man cried out and I felt that always mysterious organic pressure brimming in my tubes. Spurts of my load splashed on plastic and the young man withdrew his now deflated prick from my arse. After curiously examining the contents of the condom he was gone. I sat on the bench feeling somewhat deflated. Already I was missing the young boy with the glistening pubic hair. Because I had immediately gone with the older man I felt like an unfaithful slut. How crazy was that? Go figure. Time to head back to the Corus Hotel, a couple of quiet Tiger beers at the bar and a few songs from the girl band.

CHAPTER TWO: Love in a Sauna

Often the received wisdom in gay circles is that “you will find sex but never love in a sauna.” I beg to differ and will outline my reasons later in this chapter. On the other hand wherever you go in the world you will find, usually, younger guys, wasting hours of their time in saunas. Perhaps they are looking for ‘Mr Perfect.’ They’ll walk around and around, cruising the floors of saunas, rejecting advances from other men. Perhaps they’ll be given a piercing look, a brush of an arm, a wink… On the other hand there are sauna habituates who are pretty shy about making such advances, fearing the hurt of rejection. So there are heaps of Mexican stand offs. By the way, the universal, international signal gays in saunas will give to either indicate lack of interest or that a sex session is over – is two light taps on the other guy’s arm or wherever. Ninety nine times out of a hundred the would-be suitor will not persist – after all there are plenty of other fish in the sea and cocks in the sauna. If you are harassed then report it to the management – they often have a policy on this kind of incident.

On a much more recent visit to Day Thermos I was wandering around wearing my blue towel when I encountered a dark region I hadn’t visited before. It was like a vision of Hades with bulging figures looming out of the shadows. I found my way into a room that that had a huge round bed-like structure covered in white plastic. Vague shapes shifted in the gloom. I was feeling pretty horny so I divested myself of my towel, lay back on the bed and waited to see what would eventuate. Sure enough I soon felt a flicker of rubber on the end of my cock and a tall, wavy h ...

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