Join writer, raconteur and chronic traveler Kevin Armstrong as he journeys through time and space on his gay sex odyssey. As Kevin explores gay saunas and other haunts throughout Asia and the Land Down Under he shares his outrageous experiences of m/m sex, circle wanking, cock sucking and docking and inter-racial sex. His journey will appeal to mature gay men, younger gay guys just starting out, bi guys and even “curious” straight men and women.
During his epic gay sex odyssey Kevin Armstrong re-lives his youth and his sexual awakening. He recalls his discovery of wanking and the joys of sharing, the gayest Boy Scout troop on the planet, his “first time” and his adventures with Helmut the Helmet amongst others.
However during his odyssey we realize that there are certain threats to Kevin’s free and easy life-style. Sluttish, irresponsible, life-style some would say. In a remote country town in Australia where he has gone to direct the musical “Cabaret” he falls in love with a just-turned-legal cub reporter. Although the boy is a one man cock-sucking welcoming committee to sailors arriving from the four corners of the world, he insists that he is not gay.


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