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Table of Contents

Title Page

Table of Contents

Half Title



Part One

1. My Writing Cellar

2. The White Mouse

3. Second Acting

4. Breaking Dishes

5. I Become Ship's Doctor

Part Two

6. Inkblots

7. The Boy on Book Mountain

8. Silence of the Psychoanalysts

9. First Published Stories

10. Editing Pulps and Writing Comic Books

Part Three

11. Looking for Charlie

12. Charlie Finds Me

13. Getting There

14. Rejection and Acceptance

Part Four

15. Transformations: From Story to Teleplay to Novel

16. Rejected Again

17. Of Love and Endings

18. We Find a Home

Part Five

19. "Don't Hide Your Light Under a Bushel"

20. When Are Writers Like Saints?

21. Charly Goes Hollywood

22. Broadway Bound

23. And Then What Happened?



Flowers for Algernon


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