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It\'s a new day, U.S.A.! And possibly a whole new world.It was a harmless human-interest story for breakfast television: who would\'ve thought it would land her in jail? New York producer Annabelle Kapner\'s report on a beauty-industry job-creation plan for refugee women in the Middle East earns her kudos from the viewers, her bosses, even the network suits. But several threatening phone calls and tightlipped, edgy executives suggest the cosmetics program is covering up more than just uneven skin.All this intrigue is seriously hampering Annabelle\'s romance with handsome, sexy and funny speechwriter Mark Thurber (Washington\'s Most Eligible Bachelor). Being with him is just getting Annabelle used to A-list treatment at Manhattan\'s hottest nightspots when journalistic idealism earns her a spot on cell block six.It\'ll take more than a few thousand «Free Annabelle» T-shirts to clear her name and win back her beau. Especially when she discovers just how high up the scandal reaches–and how far the players will go to keep their secret…

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