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Naughty Marietta
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Naughty Marietta


Описание книги

She looks like an angel, acts like a vixen and sings like an alley cat.Marietta Stone had big dreams–to sing opera, to be famous, to see the world. And if her rich gentleman benefactor was a tad overprotective, well, it was a small price to pay. She had a glorious future ahead.But it did not include being kidnapped by Cole Heflin, who seemed to be the only man on earth she couldn\'t wrap around her delicate finger. He was a ruthless, conniving scoundrel who\'d literally been unstrung from the gallows and paid to bring her back to the one place she\'d vowed never to set foot again–home.Cole had never met a woman he didn\'t like, nor one he wasn\'t happy to love. Until now. Sure, Marietta was a little wildcat who drove him crazy with desire, but he wouldn\'t give her the satisfaction of knowing it. They had a lot of miles to cross on the way back to Texas, with her benefactor\'s hired gunmen on their trail and a dangerous frontier ahead. But the trip home was not nearly as dangerous as the temptation naughty Marietta inspired….

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Книга Naughty Marietta
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