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Crazy Detective. Funny detective
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Crazy Detective. Funny detective


Описание книги

In England there is a detective, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson; In Europe – Hercule Poirot and Hastings; in the US, Niro Wolfe and Archie Goodwin.And here, the Russians, this is the district general Klop and his nasty assistant, corporal, Incifalapat.Together they will not see each other, but this does not stop them from investigating criminal cases…This novel was liked by Putin.# All rights reserved.

Книга «Crazy Detective. Funny detective» автора Zosimov Premudroslovsky StaVl оценена посетителями КнигоГид, и её читательский рейтинг составил 0.00 из 10.

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