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Gypsy Masala
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Gypsy Masala


Описание книги

Stunning novel in which a young Indian woman, raised in London to fulfil her parents’ dreams of respectability, sets off in search of her own dreams – and disrupts the whole family.‘Tell me about your dreams, and if you have dared to follow them.’ This is the challenge for three members of the Vishavan family.Evita (real name Molu, but she’s always had a tendency towards the theatrical) is stuck in a 9-to-5 job until she hears the irresistible beat of a drum, summoning her to follow her dream. It takes her to faraway places and people, but the rhythm of change is also to be found closer to home.Sheila and Bali have raised Evita as their own child. Yet their sadness has kept them apart; holding on to their separate secrets, they have rejected the possibility of following any dreams. Neither expects the disruption that follows Evita’s return…From remote villages in Kerala to the heart of contemporary London, this is a story of discovery, love and what might happen if you dare to live your dream.

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Книга Gypsy Masala
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Nair Preethi Gypsy Masala

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